• Ambika Dhir

Giant Hats: The Lowdown

Last year, Jacquemus’ La Bomba plastered our instagram feeds, a firm favourite of both influencers and the fashion professionals. This year the big hat trend has seemed to continue, with shapes changing to giant bucket hat styles and more. With that said, the La Bomba shape has still remained one of the most coveted style of hats. Sitting at a cool $438, Jacquemus’ hat is not student budget friendly: a month of rent for a hat? I think not. So when ASOS brought out their £28 dupe, I was very excited: a chance to jump in on what was a very exclusive trend before!

The hat that has aptly been named 'The Jellyfish' courtesy of my Dad.

So the giant hat: is it practical? Is it heavy? How many weird stares do you get wearing it? All shall be revealed as you read on.


Luckily, ASOS’ dupe features a head elastic that can be tightened to make sure that when there’s a breeze, the hat stays on your head. I wouldn’t recommend the hat for days of blustering winds: it was super windy on the coasts of Thailand and an elastic string was just not cutting it when it came to keeping that hat on my head: thank god for quick reflexes. 

On the flip side, there was the issue of whether the hat could actually do its job. Could be protect me from the sun? The answer is a point blank yes. In fact, it protects not only one's head from the sun, but also your entire body: goodbye sunburn (but also ciao suntan). Yet sunshine is not the only weather condition the hat shields its wearer from. It doubles up as an impromptu umbrella when the heavens open during monsoon season, so you can save yourself from lugging around a huge umbrella, and instead use your giant hat.

A quick save of the hat caught in action

WEIGHT: 10/10

For a hat whose diameter is larger than my wingspan, it’s surprisingly lightweight. I didn’t wear it for very long periods of time, but I never felt any strain on my neck and it didn't feel overly heavy. If anything, it takes a bit of time to get the shape of the hat right as the the sides of the hat are pretty floppy and at first I found the sids lopping down like an upside down taco. Not a vibe.

Some A-class hat balancing action going on


All in all, this hat is one of the best affordable dupes I've seen on the market for a 'La Bomba' shaped hat. It's easy enough to pack into a suitcase and doesn't add too much in weight. The only downfall to the hat design for me was the giant brown band around the rim (which I did try to remove, but it was glued down to my dismay) as I feel it takes away from the high fashion element that the hat otherwise has. Other than this, the small button and loop that the hat has on it to allow the wearer to create the fold/loop that you'll see I have on the hat in the above picture, is an amazing design element and helps to create further structure and shape.



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