• Ambika Dhir

The Sale Steal You'll Turn To Next Year

A brand I've always admired but never brought from (until now) has been House of Sunny. They do really fun, bright, unique pieces reminiscent of brands such as Shrimps and Molly Goddard with their spectrum of colour. Their usual prices are however, a bit out of my price range and I never found anything I loved enough to take the plunge until now! Their sale is on, it's better than ever and whilst there are so many goodies to put into your basket, if there's ONE thing you need to get, it's the floral sundress. Not convinced yet? You will be soon.

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Yes, we all know florals tend to be overdone at spring but as with everything there's comfort in numbers, and it goes to show that floral and spring goes together like cheese and crackers. This doesn't mean you need to stick to the same old floral design though! The great thing about the floral here is that it's reminiscent of blue willow china you'd get in stately homes: it's elegant, it's classy and it's something a bit different from the rest.

Images courtesy of Sonnie Hiles (@sonniehiles, @behindthesonnie)

Having limited wardrobe space and a limited budget, I appreciate pieces that go the extra mile and can be worn in a multitude of ways. With this piece you get three in one: a dress, a top and a skirt. It's an easy pack for a holiday that could be dressed up and down. Whilst I personally found the skirt to be quite long on my 5'5" frame (easily fixed with some slightly shoddy sewing that my nan would be disappointed about), I've found the top to be the most versatile of the options, and I'll be wearing it in winter layered over a white turtle neck top.  


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