Questioning My Originality

April 11, 2019

Looking back at pictures from when I was in my early teens, I cringe at how I was so in love with the horrible colour clashing shirts that we all seemed to ADORE from Hollister. My particular favourite, was a bright fuchsia and lime green mix, which I tactfully paired with a matching t-shirt, denim mini skirt AND to top it all off, knitted grey tights and some BROWN lace up boots. YUM. 


I'd like to think that since then, my style has come a long way. I've stepped away from those noughties nightmares to what I believe to be a fairly minimalist and chic style. I've found that as I've entered my 20s, the pieces I'm starting to reach for seem to be pieces that are more classic; stuff I could probably get good use of for the next few years at least. I guess the joy with minimalist fashion, is that nothing is ever so outrageous that you couldn't be seen in it next season (or three seasons after that). This has, however, got me thinking: am I boring? Is what I'm wearing, just the same as everyone else? It's been bugging me for a while and it's something I need to get off my chest, and I'm wondering if perhaps any of you have felt the same? Stuck in a style rut, reaching for the same stuff over and over.


I guess to find out if my style is truly original, I need to think about what I'm inspired by. When I was younger my one and only inspiration was my Mum, and to some extent that hasn't changed (love you Mum!). But like an inevitable afternoon nap after a coffee-less morning, Instagram has been something that's been creeping up on me, and I've found I've been relying on it more and more for style inspiration. If I compared my old wardrobe to my current one, I'd have found a lot, LOT more colour, and probably a few great prints. If I look inside my wardrobe now, I'd have to say it's quite a sea of neutral tones: black, white, a load of beige colours and the occasional blue denim. Now, I know that this change has pretty much purely been instagram inspired: I'd always admired the minimalist, effortless looks that would be splayed all over fashion feeds, and revered to have a style that was similar. 


I'm rambling a bit, but the point I'm getting to is, is this my style or is this just copying everyone else? Am I just a sheep in a minimalist fashion paddock? As much as I'd like to think not, I know that there is a part of me that is. Although I do love all the pieces I've got in my cupboard, is it because I actually think they fit with my *aesthetic* or is it just because instagram's told me that's what I should wear? There are hundreds- thousands even- of people that dress like I do, so if fashion is about expressing yourself through what you wear, what exactly am I expressing? Do I want every outfit to be a variation of every other?


Don't get me wrong, I know this is most definitely a *first world problem* and it's not something I've been losing sleep over, but it's definitely something that's got me thinking about my own personal identity and how I want to show it. I'm considering a bit of an instagram cleanse and just going with the flow a bit: who's to say what goes with what anyway? I think I also need to start reincorporating some colour back in: sure black is *the colour of my soul* (jk, angsty teen Tumblr ref) but it'd be nice to throw in a few colours here and there too. I think I need to stop aspiring to an aesthetic, and need to roll with it and create my own. The best way to do this? Insta free. 


The girl in the fuchsia-lime green combo may not have been stylish, but she was definitely original. 




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