July 9, 2017

As some of you may know, today is the Pride parade in London, so in support I decided to wear a colourful outfit. Pride is all about celebrating diversity, and so it's great to see this being represented through colour. 


Instead of a standard blogpost about my outfit only, I asked different people what wearing colour means to them because diversity is all about differences in ideas and celebrating them. Click on the faces in the grid to see what their ideas are!


Sara's full interpretation:


'Colour for me is expression. It's like painting onto myself this aura of pure joy and eternal bliss. I wear colour to scream to the world I am happy and I am living this life, although sometimes dull and torturous; colour gives the illusion of strength and power against the depressing dull moments. There was a period in my life where I'd only wear black. And the one thing I remember is my Grandma, who's Italian and wears mismatched colours, textures and patterns, always shouting at me for wearing all black and would always say that you attract the emotion you want to feel by wearing specific colours. After passing through a very difficult time in my life and sort of breaking it down, I realised, I wore black because that's exactly how I was feeling. I was feeling so overwhelmingly depressed, sad and hopeless. And then one day, I just threw on a tonne of bright clothes and wore the brightest eyeshadow on planet earth and I rocked it with a smile. A full teeth-on-display smile. I felt a million times better. Colour truly does elevate mood, yours and certainly others'. 

The best thing about colour is how empowering it is and the potency it has on making others smile and wonder how on earth you're so confident, even if your world may be crumbling.

Advice on how to deal with life: always, show up with red eyeshadow and a tonne of glitter.'

Mridula's full interpretation:


'Most importantly is that god made all these different colours of flowers. 

When a person feels a bit down, if you wear your favourite colour of clothes, it helps build your morale. You automatically get into a good mood. It boosts you up, you feel different, maybe cheerful. 

Then again as I have mentioned about different colours of flowers in a garden. They are very pleasing to ones eyes and one starts thinking "oh wow." This is nature. Wearing colour perhaps reflects our natural side and our roots and connection to the Earth.

But coming back to our culture, we believe red is the colour of love, and that's why we get married in red. As Christians believes that white is the colour of purity and that's why they get married in white. Where in our culture we wear white when some one dies. We believe that the soul is white. PURE. 

A married woman can wear any colour she likes where a widow is told to wear only white or very pale colours these days. So perhaps wearing colours can both change our emotions and depict them or even show our state of mind or position within society and relationships.'


Incase you wanted to know what I wore...





I decided to pair up this brightly coloured blouse with my really casual frayed white jeans.

As a rule, usually white will bring out the brightness of a colour or outfit even more, whereas black helps to mute the colour slightly, so that it still 'pops' but also means that your outfit is perhaps more wearable if you're not used to incorporating colour into your wardrobe. I then added the loafer style mules which contrasted well with the yellow blouse; the darker maroon tone of red stopped me from looking like Ronald McDonald, and the mustard coloured blouse drew out the gold brocade pattern on the shoes! If I could turn back time, I would DEFINITELY top off the outfit with a headwrap using the ones from LUSH (seriously they do the best designs) just to add more colour to the outfit- something to keep in mind for next time I guess!


Jeans: Topshop

Blouse: M&S

Shoes: Topshop

Earrings: Ottoman Hands

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