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September 22, 2017

Ever wonder how I'm feeling whilst writing a blogpost? Well for this particular one I'm EXCITED AF because I get to show you the outcome of the collab between myself and the AAAAMAZING childxchaos- also known as power duo Sara and Saher! (You may recognise Sara from my Pride post, which you can check out here if you missed it).


We've teamed up to create editorial style looks- Sara is an incredible self-taught makeup artist, though you'll soon see that for yourselves, and we decided to do an 80s themed shoot- appropriate for the autumn because the 80s are making a STRONG return! We decided to do an editorial style shoot here, as that's something I really want to explore more on both the blog and my instagram (@theclotheschameleon). I'm definitely one to pore over magazine editorials, and that's an element I'd want to bring to here for certain posts. 


So yes, do enjoy the photos and take inspiration from them where you can! I'll be giving some tips on how to tone down the looks to being wearable on a day to day basis, and to see Sara's take on the makeup, click here! 





Oversized coats were ALL the rage in the 80s, and that's no different for AW17. Cocoon fit coats, belted at the waist to give an hourglass figure flocked the AW17 runways, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief now knowing that we can stock up on the biggest and fluffiest jumpers, and they'll still fit under our coats- there's no excuse to be cold this season!




Most oversized coats in the 80s were either very toned down, dark colours, or very in your face, bright colours. Whilst I'm not opposed to a bright red, I decided to style a navy coat as I prefer darker colours for coats on the whole, and wanted this look to be kept more simple than standout. 


I paired this oversized wool coat with a turtleneck (80s staple) and some crepe joggers (jeans weren't as big in the 80s, and I didn't want to wear leggings so semi formal crepe joggers were perfect). I kept these colours simple as I wanted to incorporate colour elsewhere.



The coat I styled was actually a mens coat- courtesy of Dad- but it does go to show that you don't always have to buy new things if you borrow other people's! When picking oversized coats, look for ones like are slightly structured; this means look for stiffer lapels, or a specific shape, whether that be cocoon or straight. This turns the coat from frumpy to fabulous. Belting can really help to give shape where it's needed- it also creates a contrast between feminine and masculine silhouettes. 



For accessories I again kept things minimal with just earrings and sock boots, choosing instead to add interest through colour and texture. These bright pink sock boots are PERFECT for this look; they're very 80s in colour, and their streamlined shape is clean and matches well with the tight fitting polo neck and slim fit joggers. This AW17, shoes are getting a lot more attention, so if you want to make a statement, shoes are the way to go. 


These keyring style earrings are perfect due to their texture- it's something different, and as I've said before, statement earrings are going absolutely nowhere this season! The texture and simple shape of these earrings means they're not overly feminine, playing into the more masculine coat. 



To make this look something you could wear daily, you could keep it all the same if you feel daring, or change the shoes to bright coloured loafers or trainers if you prefer something less standout; with this said, I would still add a pop of colour in pink, red or yellow somewhere as colour defined the 80s!






This look combines two major trends from both the 80s and that are BIG this AW: thigh highs and silver. I kept this look minimal and then went ham on the shoes- just like in the 80s! Miniskirts really came to light in the 80s where  they were paired with absolutely anything from tights and converse, to oversized leather jackets.




I love the contrast stitching detail on this miniskirt; it's a nod to the transitional period between the 70s and 80s, and something that can be worn any season again and again, as it's essentially an elevated basic piece to any wardrobe. I paired it with this multicoloured high neck-jumper- I'm not sure what it is about this jumper, but it just SCREAMS 80s to me, and the colour palette is bright, but not over the top. It's the kind of jumper that can be paired with another bright piece and yet still not clash- WINNER!



I went for silver thigh highs as silver is very much in this season, and if you're going to wear thigh highs, why NOT go for something out there! Pairing thigh-highs with mini-skirts is pretty much a fail-safe bet as not only will your legs be elongated MAJORLY, but you also won't be showing too much skin- if that's something you're conscious about. As these boots don't cling to the leg as much, they have a more high fashion vibe to them, furthered by the pointed shape of the toe and stiletto heel. Personally, although round-toe heels are nice, I prefer pointed heels as they have more of a refined and mature feel. 



To adapt this look to something you could wear, perhaps swap the denim skirt for a leather miniskirt and black cami. Throw on a classic black leather jacket and smudge on some rough, smokey eyes and you're ready for a night out! 






The 80s was also known as the era of decadence, and for good reason! Sequins were VERY then and VERY now, and are one of the easiest ways to jazz up any outfit to party-worthy. 



Whilst any sequin dress is cool, this one is DOUBLY so thanks to its two tone sequins! Customisable of sorts, these are the kind of sequins that can be moved from left to right, and when moved have a different colour to the opposite side, meaning you can get patches- or even the whole dress- to be a completely different colour. I'm a fan. As the sequins are bright silver and incredibly shiny, this dress didn't need much in terms of earrings; sure if this was the actual 80s, then the case may have been different, but I didn't want to overdo it.



To give a more 80s feel, I paired the dress with some low denier black tights and some bronze strappy heels, which matched the undertone of the sequins; when a dress is so loud, it's sometimes better to keep the shoes simple. With that said, sequins always go well with other sequins, so sequinned shoes could equally have looked good with this get-up. 




To make this look more wearable in life, you could remove the tights, or go for a sequinned piece that doesn't cover most of the body- so a top or skirt; if you wanted them to be more 80s, go for a high necked, long sleeve sequin top, and a sequin miniskirt. 


So that's that on the outfit side of things! Feel free to leave a question or comments in the comments box below if you want to ask for more tips on wearing the 80s today, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, WHATEVER YOU DO, MAKE SURE YOU CHECK OUT CHILDXCHAOS. These looks just WOULD NOT have been the same had I not had Sara and her amazing makeup skills transform an outfit into a LOOK,  so getting tips on making looks even more put together through the power of makeup (artistry), is key and something you shouldn't deprive yourself from!


Now for a short divergence...as some of you know, I'm currently an undergraduate, and last year one of my closest and dearest friends that I'm living with said something to me that's really stuck with me during the making of this blog:

'So many people have so much power, and you know they start as good people but they just completely forget about that aspect of things once they become famous. When you become famous, don't be like them, use it for something good.'.

Whilst I may not be famous, it did get me thinking about how I can use my blog as a platform and whether I want to do that. After a lot of thinking and ideas, I've decided I do want to use a few posts here and there to talk about issues that I think need more light shed onto, but I still want to tie this into fashion. I've decided that if any of the trends or posts can be linked to issues I want to discuss on here a bit, I'll have a small section at the end called 'Medley Musings', where I talk about what I think the link is and my opinions on that issue and if I believe it is possible for me to contribute to changing that issue. So this is the first instalment of 'Medley Musings':



So this post is all about the 80s and fashion trends from then, but it did get me thinking- in past decades, the pieces designers sent down the catwalk, were all completely new and exciting. There was no alluding to former decades; if you wanted to create your name, you had to create something new. Can the same also be said for today? Partially perhaps in the emergence of new designers like Molly Goddard and JW Anderson, but even then catwalk trends are dominated by trends from past decades-  at what extent do we decide that 'inspiration' is no longer 'inspiration' but a lack of creative vision and ideas? Why spend lots of hard earning cash (or precious student loan) on new pieces when they're just updated versions of the pieces that can be found for MUCH cheaper prices in charity shops? It does make me wonder: is fashion week no longer about breaking out from fashion norms and creating something that's never been seen before as a form of expression, or is it purely a consumerist rave? It's something I'll definitely be thinking about more in the coming months: is the modern 'twist' on the clothing pieces inspired by the same jumper sitting in the charity shop enough to set them apart, or is it all just a marketing ploy?


So that is that! Whilst not an issue persay, it's something interesting to think about, and I'll be really interested in knowing what you think in the comments box below!


Until the next time x



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