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October 22, 2017

Happy Monday all! Let's get the week off to a good start with a cheeky blogpost shall we?


This AW, the catwalks were COVERED in British textures, prints and silhouettes, and personally I was loving it and just HAD to try them out. 


For this post, I collaborated with the incredible photographer Sonnie Hiles (@sonniehiles @behindthesonnie) who also braved the ridiculously windy (and later rainy) weather with me all in the name of a good post, so MASSIVE thank you to him- to check out more of Sonnie's work click here, and to keep up to date with his work or to contact him, follow him on Instagram at either @sonniehiles or @behindthesonnie.


For this lookbook, I wanted to create some really classic and slightly vintage inspired British looks which incorporated some of my favourite trends. So, I decided to create 3 outfits where I focused on each of the three trends I picked out: shearling, checks and corduroy. 


Shearling is something that never really leaves the winter sphere and it crops up every year, meaning it's probably the trend which you'll already have in your wardrobe. This year however, the presence of shearling really came into full force, and so there are so many more options available on the highstreet that are up for grabs compared to usual! I really associate shearling with a traditional British farmer outfit, so I've inspiration from that!



One of the most wearable ways of wearing shearling is through a shearling coat- it's a classic, safe option and keeps you super warm so anyone looking for this year's winter coat, start looking at shearling ones! I went for an all-over shearling coat rather than just having trims as I don't have any other pieces in my wardrobe like it, and I mean if you're going to try out a trend, you might as well go hard. What I love about this coat is the shape of it; it's very classic and British thanks to it's large collar and oversized buttons down the middle. As it's slightly oversized and slouchy, it gives off a really easy-going and cosy feel, and it means it's so easy to layer up underneath it, which even with super warm coats like this one, is needed. 





I decided to pair up the coat with a shearling jumper. Normally, I'd stay away from pairing up two items with the same 'strong' texture (like shearling) because it can be too much, but I because I kept the tones neutral and slightly different, it worked quite well. It also meant I was EVEN WARMER which I'm definitely not complaining about as I get cold so easily. I chucked on a white roll neck underneath the shearling jumper as I wanted to break up the shearling, and it acted as a neutral base for the cream and tan colours of both the jumper and coat.



I then added some blue jeans with stripe detailing and brown boots. I went for a darker jean as I feel that it gives more of a British heritage vibe, and broke up the the lighter colours of the coats and jumpers. I went for brown boots as again, I would relate brown boots as more vintage compared to black boots, and the square toe is a nice 70s inspired detail- another trend for this season. 


Coat: MANGO (Similar)

Jumper: One Day (Similar 1, Similar 2)

Polo Neck: M&S (Similar)

Jeans: Pull and Bear (Similar)

Boots: M&S




Checks are EVERYWHERE this season and they're perfect for that smart-casual occasion that's normally so difficult to dress for. The check print to really look out for is the Prince of Wales check which is super British and very classic. 




For this look, I decided to contrast my previous outfit by going for a more smart-casual city look. I paired up a checked blazer and checked mini skirt to keep the check print throughout the outfit. As the skirt is shorter and has holes in it, it keeps it more casual than a longer skirt or trousers; with this said, it is still slightly long for my liking so I may end up shortening it a bit to more of a mini-skirt length. The blazer is slightly more form fitting, but I wanted more of a loose look, so I decided to pair up the ensemble with an unstructured trench coat to give it more of a flow and again, smart-casual vibe.  



I decided to throw on a thin knit as a top as it was slightly cold and thinner, form fitting knits are more casual than a blouse, but not as casual as baggier knits. I went for this tan coloured one as it's a very autumnal and 70s colour, and brought out the tortoiseshell buttons on the trench coat. I find this colour to be more casual than a cream or black jumper, and I like how the colour slightly clashes with the black and white check. I finished off with the brown boots from earlier to bring out the brown tones in the trench and jumper some more, though tortoiseshell heeled boots would also have been a good pairing. 


Blazer: ZARA (Similar)

Skirt: Topshop (Similar)

Trench: Pull and Bear (Similar)

Jumper: Topshop




(Note that these pictures weren't taken by Sonnie)


In the past, I would've associated corduroy with the pastel coloured monstrosities that my mum would dress me when I was around 6/7 (fun story, I remember getting corduroy trousers that were supposed to look like jeans, and I WAS OVER THE MOON with them), but this season has changed all of that. Thanks to designers being inspired by the 70s, corduroy is back but with a much needed update: think corduroy boots, bags and culottes. 



I had originally been eyeing up some of the corduroy culotte options available, but ended up going for a corduroy bag after seeing this one from Zara which I've mentioned in previous posts. I love how boxy it is and as it's red it ticks not one but TWO trends, making this bag a season HERO. As it's a bag, it means it's a lot easier to incorporate into everyday looks opposed to other clothing options, so for those of you who are still slightly skeptical of the trend, or have horrific flashbacks of ugly corduroy trousers you were forced into as a child when you think of the word, corduroy accessories are the way to go. Want to hit two trends in one? Go for a corduroy accessory in a 70s tone, so think tan, oranges and reds!



I paired the bag with some checked trousers and a baggy cream knit, making it comfy and casual. I guess this outfit combined both ideas I had in my previous outfits: the jumper is a shout to the British heritage countryside vibe because of it's neckline and the checked trousers are more smart-casual.



This outfit is quite a chill one so there's not so much to say about it really, other than that I'll probably be wearing it to lectures in winter!


Trousers: ZARA


Jumper: ZARA (lol) (Similar)



So that's it for this post! Massive thanks again to Sonnie, and I'd really recommend you guys to check out his photography page for more portrait shots at @sonniehiles and @behindthesonnie. 


Until the next time x


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