Boxing Day Bargains

January 6, 2018

I feel like I've started all my recent posts with an apology lately but yet here's another one.. I've just been drowning in deadlines lately so it's been hard to get actual posts out, so sorry about the long break! However, after mid January, I'm aiming to get a post out at least once every 2 weeks on a Sunday evening, so you can check them out over a coffee on Monday morning! What I keep updated most regularly is my Instagram (theclotheschameleon) which I try to update at least every few days, so head there if you've seen there hasn't been anything new on here for a while!


Anyway so down to the post! As the song goes, December truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year- of course it's a great time to get to spend quality time with family and friends, but it's also a GREAT time on the clothing calendar thanks to the Boxing Day SALES! There is *nothing* I like more than a sale. 


So in this post I'll showcase a couple of things I managed to score in the Boxing Day sale (be warned that a few more items will DEFINITELY be making an appearance in future posts though). Since moving up north for university, I found it's a lot colder (this is coming from a southerner however, so take that with a pinch of salt), and so the majority of my wishlist featured coats. Why you ask? During the colder months, it's normally outerwear that comprises of the majority of the ootd and I love to have choice. I'd been on the hunt for a good puffer jacket and a smart camel coat and I truly think I've found the perfect ones, and from none other than my favourite shop, Zara. 



There were so many options for puffer jackets floating around this season which was great because who doesn't like choice, BUT also made it incredibly hard to single it down to the 'chosen' one. In the end, I went for this gorgeous, slightly cropped, pastel coloured number! 


What initially drew me to it, was the pale mint colour. Heads up: pastel/sorbet colours are huge next season so I knew this wouldn't just be a one hit wonder and it would be the perfect transition piece for heading into the spring season. 



The next thing that drew me to it was it's material; I think material and quality is something I've been paying attention to a lot more recently, and this coat is not only showerproof but also soft and filled with down. Of course, there are plenty of synthetic materials out there that provide a lot of warmth to choose from, but I personally find down very warm and so I knew it would be practical as well as pretty. On the day I wore it, it rained and I can confirm that it is indeed showerproof so whilst it's not the coat to be using during a torrential downpour, it is perfect for running out of the house to catch a bus during a lighter shower! Other materials that would be good for this would be vinyl/shinier materials, but I personally was on the look for a more matte coat which I feel isn't as trend specific and so possibly more versatile in the long run. 



The last thing I like about this was the fit! It's slightly oversized, slightly cropped, and very much perfect! I wanted a puffer I could wear with high waisted wide leg jeans, and so going for a longer puffer just wouldn't have worked as too many oversized items can swallow you whole. As I'm slightly on the shorter side at 5'5, I also thought a cropped coat would just be that bit more flattering as it would show more of my legs, making me appear taller.




As I said before, puffer coats are super versatile and can be used to create so many different looks. Here, I paired it with a very fitted outfit to make it chic-er and smarter; by wearing all black, it not only made the colour of the coat pop more, but also made the coat seem a lot more refined, despite it's oversizing. Again, tying back my hair into a sleek pony meant I could draw attention to my accessories and made the whole look more sleek: for anyone out there who's worried a puffer coat doesn't work with a chic style, this is the way to incorporate it into your wardrobe! 



If you wanted a more chilled out vibe, pair your puffer with wide leg trousers, a t-shirt, a beanie and some heavy-duty biker boots (slightly basic but something that always works) or try it with a straight-cut midi skirt, super oversized jumper and some trainers for scandi-chic. 



I couldn't not talk about these BEAUTIES on my feet! Whilst last year I was LOVING my trainers, this year I swung more towards boots! I've been wearing my other Zara boots to death and so I wanted to get another pair to give the others a break from time to time.  I had been on the lookout for some sleek and fitted sock boots for AGES but just couldn't find any that I was 100% on, until I found these in the Boxing Day sales. They're perfectly form fitting around the ankle and whilst that made them a b**** to get on, it also meant they stayed up all day! The combination of the patent leather and sleek geometric heel makes them seem SO much more expensive than they were, and they're surprisingly comfy to walk in. You'll definitely be seeing them paired with dresses for nights out and for during the day when the weather warms up a bit, so keep your eyes peeled!


Coat: ZARA (Similar)

Turtleneck: M&S (Similar)

Jeans: Topshop (Similar 1, 2, 3)

Boots: ZARA





This is a piece that I feel every wardrobe should have at some point: it's timeless and is useful on so many different occasions, for so many different styles. Although there are so many great options, I knew I wanted something that was versatile and high enough in quality to be something that will remain in my wardrobe for years. 



What really made this coat stand out from others are it's lapels. I'm a big believer in details making the biggest difference to items of clothing, and here it's the lapels that have taken this coat from a 6/10 to an 11. Having seen the MaxMara teddy coats and their HUGE lapels, I knew I wanted the same thing, as lapels help an oversized coat to seem much more tailored than it actually is, which keeps it from looking overly casual. The oversized lapels make the coat that bit more formal which means I could wear it on both formal and casual occasions: it works for both work and fancier bar motives afterwards.



The other detail I love about this coat is the double breasting. I think there's something really flattering about double breasting- perhaps it's because when buttoned up they accentuate your waist so much more than any single column of buttons ever could. Again, they help the coat appear more refined and less casual despite it's baggy style, making it easy to wear for any event.



When it comes to oversized clothing, it's SO easy to get it wrong and end up looking like a pile of curtains. if you're looking for an oversized coat, be sure to go for heavier materials as these help to create more shape, and make the item look like it's supposed to be oversized rather than you brought several sizes too big because your size was out of stock. Weightier and slightly stiff fabrics hold their shape and make the item seem more expensive: for example, although this coat has a slouchier feel due to the dropped shoulders, the heavier wool material helps to create structure in the coat, meaning that the loose fit is balanced out by structured details such as the lapels and pockets. Weightier fabrics also help the coat to sit better- sometimes thinner fabrics that are used to make oversized fits, can either be too billowy or cling to your body; neither of which, is a good look. Heavier fabrics mean the coat sits well on the shoulders, helping even the most oversized of coats appear more form fitting.



As I said before, I've been really thinking about the quality of the items I buy recently. As this coat is 75% wool, I know it'll keep me warm and it'll last for several years, making it an investment piece.



For a casual look, I paired the coat with some wide legged trousers and a white polo neck and trainers to keep the look minimalist and effortless. There are so many alternative ways to wear this coat that I think I'll have to do a one piece wonders post rather than writing an essay about it on this post- let me know In the comments below if you'd want a one piece wonders post on this item! I just added a long simple necklace to finish off the outfit so that it wasn't too plain, and I was brunch-ready.


Coat: ZARA

Top: M&S (Similar)

Jeans: Topshop (Similar)

Shoes: M&S (Similar)


Hope you enjoyed that one guys! Until the next time x


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