January 22, 2018

Hi all! I'm finally done with exams so *hopefully* posts should be somewhat more frequent now! For this post, I rejoined forces with photographer Sonnie Hiles (@sonniehiles) for an impromptu shoot of the outfit I was wearing that day. 


Baker boy caps have been all over the scene for a while now, and whilst I'm not normally one to wear hats (my wardrobe only contains two hats, this one included) baker boy caps have really grown on me. There are so many great options on the high street at the moment, but this one is actually my mums from when she was at university, so it's been resurrected! 



I'm not quite sure what it is about baker boy caps that suddenly boosted their appeal...perhaps it's that they're so versatile, or maybe it's that they give outfit's an air of classic British chic? I can't be sure, but I will say that I'm hoping the trend sticks around for a little longer. Hats are an absolute saviour during the winter when we're all suffering from:

a) Hat hair

b) Ears that feel like they're about to fall off

SO, when fashion can provide a solution for both of the above, I'm the first one in line to see what it can offer. As this one is slightly oversized, it manages to cover my ears completely, keeping them nice and toasty so look out for caps that are practical as well as chic!


So with all of the choices on offer, how do you differentiate between each one? How will you know when a hat is 'the one'? My answer is the material. My mum's hat only goes to show that material can make all of the difference when it comes to wearability and durability. This one is a wool hat so it's been built to last, but that doesn't mean you have to go out spending tonnes of your hard earned *dollar bills* for a good hat! If you want something that you'll be able to wear in both winter and summer, go for a leather or faux leather cap: it'll be waterproof and it won't be SO warm that you'll struggle to get use out of it later on in the year! If you are looking to spend a bit more on this trend piece however, check out Brixton for some dreamybaker boy caps with that something extra.



Baker boy caps can really be paired with anything: if your style is more girly, try them with a leather skirt, oversized pastel coloured knit and teddy coat for the ultimate winter babe outfit. If you're more about being comfortable, pair it with a pair of dungarees, polo neck jumper and combat boots to be the epitome of comfy and cute. More of a traditionalist? Pair one with some smart casual joggers, an oversized shirt and a thick trench coat for the ultimate 'I woke up like this' effortless look that we all dream of. To any guys reading this- don't think baker boy caps are gender biased! They're MORE than workable for ANYONE to wear and I personally think that any guy that's on more of a 'classic dapper gent/hipster' vibe would love a baker boy cap as an addition to their wardrobe! Alternatively, try out flat caps, which are also fantastic.  



As it's been so cold, I went for a cosy outfit that had layer upon layer of thick knit and fair fur to fight away the cold winter air. Channeling some classic 'grandpa chic', I went for an oversized cream cable knit paired with some slightly worn in peg-leg trousers, and topped it off with my recently purchased oversized aviator style jacket with statement collar. This coat is one of, if not THE warmest coat I own as it's lined all the way through with faux fur, and I love that it's a brown faux leather as most of the faux leather items I own are black so it's a nice switch up! I find a chocolate coloured leather item welcomes in the spring slightly more than a black leather item, and are usually a more laid-back way of wearing (faux) leather during the day. 



Cap: NEXT (Similar)

Knit: ZARA (Similar 1, 2)

Trousers: Topshop (Similar)

Coat: ZARA (Similar)

Shoes: M&S 


I've lastly just included a few pictures of Sonnie who actually has his own personal Instagram at @behindthesonnie where he documents his outfits of the day, daily coffee trips and his *slight* obsession for Saint Laurent Paris boots! If you're into any (or all) of the above, DEFINITELY check out his page, as I can promise you won't be disappointed!



New post up this Sunday (28th Jan)! Until then x



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