April 10, 2019

If I'm being frank, I love my snooze button more than I love coffee. I've found recently that I've been preemptively waking up before my alarm, heading back to sleep, and waking up ridiculously overtired: this has meant a whole lot of hitting the snooze button, leading to a lot of rushed mornings. Even aside from my beloved snooze button, I'm known between my friends as "the late one" and I'm always told to be ready 20 minutes before we actually need to leave... Indian timing. 


It's finally starting to become winter in Sydney (controversial but I'm a winter dresser over a summer dresser) which means that blazers can *finally* come out. I know it's nothing new, but a blazer can really change up an outfit and take it from drab to fab and it's the perfect last minute item to grab when you're really running late: whether to a lecture, meeting, catch-up with friends or just to look presentable when running some errands, a blazer can sort it.


In the past, I've typically had quite fitted blazers in my wardrobe, but my most recent birthday gift (thank you Alex!) has introduced a more structured oversized 80s piece to play around with. At first I wasn't sure if it would drown me out too much, but to my surprise I think it works really well! Whilst I know the oversized look isn't for everyone, I've been really enjoying it (I'd like to think this is because my style is maturing into *parisian chic*, but really it just means it's easier to hide my morning bloat). 


I played it safe with how I styled it this time by adding a pretty boring but also pretty standard *drum roll please* all black outfit. I broke up the black by going for a bandeau top to show some skin and to catch those final golden hour rays, and then paired it with some thick belted peg-leg trousers. Nothing spectacular I know, but I wanted to keep things simple when I was first figuring out how I'd style this. I guess what this DOES mean however, is that you're able to grab a super simple outfit- a white t-shirt and your favourite jeans- and throw a blazer over and you'll still look like you put more effort into your outfit than you did- ideal!



My tips for finding that perfect 'throw on' blazer, would definitely be to find something slightly more structured. The double breasting and oversized lapels make the blazer tailored which is what you need for those last minute morning outfits. What I love about this blazer in particular, is that it's actually got a jersey material inside which means it's really comfortable and well weighted, so it sits well. It also has deep pockets which is perfect for the last minute throwing in of keys, travel cards and your phone when you're running out of the door for the bus. The blazer I'm wearing is from Zara.



I topped off my outfit with my new loves: these chunky, Balenziaga-esque, Calvin Klein trainers. I think the chunkiness of the trainers helps to balance out the oversized fit of the blazer, and again trainers are the perfect go-to for rushed mornings. Here's to hoping they stay as white as they were when they first came out of the box, but we'll see how long that lasts for... any one got any tips for keeping white trainers sparkling? Throw on a pair of statement earrings and you're good to go!



I'm looking forward to experimenting more with this blazer. I'm thinking that next time I'll pair it with some slouchy palazzo black trousers and a roll neck when cooler times hit. Probably in all black too. What can I say, leopards can't change their spots. 



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